How to make a CPPS

Note : I’ll be doing all this for localhost, which is

What you will need :

  • Xampp – Don’t say this is lousy or what. But I find this pretty good.
  • A loader aka load.swf – This is your client where players need this to login.
  • Mediaserver – This is where all ClubPenguin files are stored.
  • An OpenCP source.
  • Hamachi [Optional] – For players to connect if you’re unable to port forward.



Assuming you’re using Windows [since you’re using OpenCP sources] download xampp HERE [direct download]

1) Download.
2) Install.
3) Open up Xampp control panel. [xampp-control-3-beta.exe]
4) Click on the first two start button.

  • [ IMPORTANT ] Make sure programs such as skype is not opened. If not, Apache would not start!
  • Apache is your web server. It’s where all files are located and where people can access them. Like accessing your register page to register an account your CPPS.
  • MySQL is a database. Just know that it stores all account information.

5) Make sure the word [Apache] and [Mysql] are highlighted like so.

Posted Image


2) Loader aka load.swf

This is where clients connect. In short, navigate to Yup, it’s the big flash thing at the centre. You need one too.

1) Download one HERE. The configurations are all set for this tutorial. So there is no need for you to change anything.

  • If you do not have SoThink SWF Decompiler or any programs that lets you open swf file, you can download the exe version HERE. It’s just the swf file embedded in a exe.

3) Mediaserver.

This is all the ClubPenguin swf files. Like the items icons, papers, sprites etc.

1) Download it HERE. [All thanks to VinceC @…alhosted-cpps/]
2) Extract all contents to your htdocs folder in xampp.

  • Your directory would have something like – “htdocs/play/v2/client/”   /   “htdocs/play/”


4) An OpenCP Source

Originally first known as Penguin Safari [i think]. In this tutorial, I’ll be using PenguinElitev2 by our forum’s awesome Cooldude170 ^^. Credits to him!
Note : All configurations have been modded for this tutorial.

1) Download the source HERE.
2) Extract the content to your htdocs. For example : “htdocs/pe”

5) Accessing database

Now you need to make the database thing.

1) In your web browser, navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
2) Click on database and type “penguinelite” at the empty fields and click create.

Posted Image

3) After creating the databse, click on “penguinelite” at the left sidebar.

Posted Image

4) Click on “Import” as highlighted.
5) Then click on “Browse”

Posted Image
6) Find a file name called “install.sql” in your penguin elite folder – “htdocs/pe/install.sql”
7) At the bottom, click “GO”.

6) You’re ALMOST DONE!

Everything is almost ready to go! You just have to register!

1) Navigate to – “localhost/pe/Website/register.php”
2) Register!

7) Start your Server!

That’s it! You’re done! We just have to start our server and we’ll be good to go!

1) Open up your xampp control panel. If it’s not visible on your desktop, double click the xampp icon at your taskbar.
2) Click on “xampp-shell”. [ For first timer, they would ask if you would like to create a shell or something. Just accept it by pressing enter or type yes or something.]
3) A cmd would come up. Type – “cd htdocs/pe” [without the quotes]
4) Type – “php login-server.php” [without the quotes]
5) Repeat Step (2) to Step (4) again. But at Step (4), type “php game-servers.php” instead.
6) There shouldn’t be any error.

8) Play!

That’s it. You’re done. Open up your load.swf and login. Have fun!


Now now, some of you would like to open your server for all to play. And you have dynamic ip, or problems port forwarding and such. For that..

1) Download Hamachi [Windows]
2) Install.
3) Start and click on the big On button.
4) At the top, click Network > Create a new network [or something like that]
5) Input any name you want, for example “New CPPS” and password[optional]

  • Note : You need to have a new load.swf if you’re using Hamachi. Read more HERE

6) After you’re done, have your friends to download Hamachi too. Let them join your network and give them your load.swf.
7) Done!


Q: In my xampp control panel, when i click Start, it turns to Stop and change back to Start again!!!!!!!
A : You probably have some conflicting programs. Make sure you don’t have skype open. Then check for “httpd.exe” in your task manager. There should be one there.

Q: I do not want to use Hamachi!
A: Alright. Go to “”. Remember your IP and refresh the page a few times. If it change, sorry but you have to use Hamachi. If it doesn’t change, congrats. Go to – “” and find your router brand then follow the steps to port forward. Make sure to foward port – 6112 to 6114. After that, you need a new load.swf. Read moreHERE

Q: I want to change my server name!!!! [Not applicable here]
A: Open up your “config.php” in “htdocs/pe/”. Replace those “Servernames” properties.

Essetial tool(s)

Edit : For security purposes, do not place your source in “htdocs/pe”.
You can :
1) Make unique directories and place is there. For example : htdocs/dawdaw3ruy3fy8fw/r32r34tby6b/vr3v4t54tr4vr/3t3t43t3t/pe


2) Place it in a folder outside htdocs/where htdocs reside.
|- htdocs
|- pe


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