CPPS History

CPPS History

CPPS’, or CPPSes started way back in 2008, during a long, boring summer. It was started by a guy preferably known as “iRath96″, with his companions “Paul”, “Lorenzo”, “Andy” and others. The CPPS, which later released to a small audience was to be named as “iCP”. This was a really basic, unstable CPPS as it was indeed the first of its kind.

Then, the same guys released another CPPS, this time to be named as “iCPv1″, which was a slightly better, and merely less buggier. However, again, this was only released to a small group of individuals.

One whole year later, the same people again created another CPPS, which was named as “iCPv2″, which was a huge hit, and quickly gained public popularity. It was still unstable, but less buggier, and had a huge user base. But sadly, it closed quickly due to scare of legal interference.

Luckily, a guy named “Charles” jumped aboard, but sadly brought a few, unfriendly friends along with him, but they weren’t all bad, there was “Stanley”/”Sam”, “HappehWalrus” and others. This sophisticated team quickly developed a game-source based off of “iCPv2″. Then, weeks after the closure of “iCPv2″ they released their “CPPS” and named it “iCPv3″. It was a HUGE success, and went down as one of the best “CPPS’” to have ever released. It was stable, had little bugs and was quickly gaining popularity. Months after it’s path to fame it also closed, due to rumored take down notice from Disney Online Studios’ Lawyer(s).

Thankfully, an amazing fella going by the username of “Flappi282″ released Penguin Safari in 2010, after spending months cracking the new Club Penguin loader. He was partically helped by “Patrick”/”Bane”, “Mike”, “Christian”/”Logan”, and other and the amazing team! This stayed up for a saddening two weeks, as again, legal interference took place. Although; it was believed this “CPPS” revamped, and reunited the “CPPS” community, and effectively brought it back to life, as it’s source was released – allowing hundreds of people to release “CPPS’”.

Then it all started, and numerous different “CPPS’” released. Here’s a list of the most memorable ones known to date, after the ones listed above:
(listed in no particular order are)

  • Atlantic Penguin
  • OpenCP.org
  • CPPS.me
  • CPYS

Last update on (UK DATE: 16/11/2012) | (USA DATE: 11/16/2012).


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