Club Penguin Membership Contest & Xbox Live Contest

Hey Penguins! aytan here. so insted of doing CP memberships i am also doing Xbox live contest! anyways almost everyday i will be posting free CP memberships! anyways here are 5 codes and there for 1 month!
Membership code 1: 5232-8375-3892-4389

Membership code 2: 4738-4387-6589-9216

Membership code 3: 4389-2137-5438-9375

Membership code 4: 3874-3294-2856-9237

CP 1 month code: 4578-8974-5489-7389

now to xbox live codes (giving away 5 of them)

Code #1: 39M28AA951BQF387ANOP5445B
Code #2: IIF34091O2FFE413KA72PH2E0
Code #3: EA7586KI7194083O5BM50EP43
Code #4: CIEC8626LDE1GMGL2HB85550P
Code #5: Q52JIO5271NDQ221DL9DH0CI5

I got these from prizerebel anyways….
Have a Good Day/Night!


About aytan

Hi its Aytan you guys should chek out reporters of Aytan and allstars where Aytan [me], Drew[ or call him dttat], Cloe,Conner, Abby,dilly,moneyc123,marc63267 will give you the latest on entertainment!!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses to Club Penguin Membership Contest & Xbox Live Contest

  1. zacefron597 says:

    Thanks for the codes, But the CP membership codes doesn’t work.

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