Pengocent Hack on Club Penguin!

Hey Penguins,Aytan here. so as you guys heard theres a hack called (the website) that has Item Adder,Money Maker, Stamp Adder, Furniture adder (for members) and the edit/music igloo adder and an ID fetcher. If you dont feel its safe to download this hack just contact me at with your accounts. you can give me your fake accounts i really dont care but i dont scam! just tell what you want and i’ll add it all to your account. (the highest cains i can add for you is 50000!) thats alot huh? like i said before i dont scam! If you dont trust me just give me a poor account as a test.

Have a good Day/Night



About aytan

Hi its Aytan you guys should chek out reporters of Aytan and allstars where Aytan [me], Drew[ or call him dttat], Cloe,Conner, Abby,dilly,moneyc123,marc63267 will give you the latest on entertainment!!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses to Pengocent Hack on Club Penguin!

  1. magicrock1 says:

    party at my place!

  2. asdf says:

    Cn u get my penguin some stuff? Its “Thinknoodlex”. Its my test penguin. I use it to test hacks! Can u get it some stuff?

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