Introducing CPYS’s new Rewards System….. BLING!

Hey CPPS world,

Its aytan, i know i havnt been blogging for a while for starters happy late new year! ok so as you guys heard CPYS made a new command called !mybling here is a pic of the post




As you can see, Bling is very cool. Some of the rewards are…. Access to exclusive custom rooms, exclusive custom items, nameglows, bubble color, rare pins, and SO much more! If you would like to check the newly called Bling out, you can by clicking on the link below. and right now if you log in everyday you will get 5 points of bling!

and i am trying to add all reporters on this blog on CPYS (reminder my name on CPYS is aytanathlete) and zack when will Item adder be done? you said a month ago it will be uploaded but it wasnt please dude upload it as soon as you can BTW my new guy’s name on CP is Xxaytanxx

Have a good Day/Night!




About aytan

Hi its Aytan you guys should chek out reporters of Aytan and allstars where Aytan [me], Drew[ or call him dttat], Cloe,Conner, Abby,dilly,moneyc123,marc63267 will give you the latest on entertainment!!!!!!!!!
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