Introducing myself

Hey people its aytan. i just wanna say thanks to zack for letting me join this blog (i knew zack for a long time already) anyways here are some stuff about me:


Name on CPYS: AytanAthlete (aytan has been chosen)

Name on Ultimate penguin V4: Aytan

Sports: Basketball (i am on my school basketball team)

Well thats some thing about me i am not going to tell you more cuz that will be to much info about me so anyways i will post cpps news & commands for cpps’s

Have a great day


P.S if you own a certin CPPS i will be glad to play it or be a mod Have a great New years!


About aytan

Hi its Aytan you guys should chek out reporters of Aytan and allstars where Aytan [me], Drew[ or call him dttat], Cloe,Conner, Abby,dilly,moneyc123,marc63267 will give you the latest on entertainment!!!!!!!!!
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