CPPS.me – World’s #1 Club Penguin Private Server

It was days ago when CPPS.me were having technical difficulty with the games and the connection problem. But the team fixed the server without any problem what so ever, and the server is in great condition thanks to that problem solved. CPPS.me is known for its true uniqueness, and that uniqueness is the games that are included in the game and the players that never gave up on the server as well.

Why is CPPS.me the best server in Club Penguin history? Because of the staff members that support the server, and the users that participate in the server. We don’t ask for you to join us on this great adventure on CPPS.me, we beg for you to join us so that we can help you put a smile on your face. How is CPPS.me the best server in Club Penguin history? Well that’s one simple question to answer, because of how fun and exciting it really is.

Sure, CPPS.me had a lot of posts put on CPPSHQ, but that’s because CPPS.me deserves to be treated with loyalty. CPPS.me was built for all of you to have fun, and to show how much the staff really cares about its users. CPPS.me wouldn’t be up if it weren’t for the incredible people that are in the CPPS community today, so that is why we posted so much about CPPS.me

CPPS.me isn’t any type of normal server to go on; it’s the type of server that will make you feel like you are on top of the world. If you’re scared of heights, this server won’t let you go unless you purposely let go of it. The team of CPPSHQ.com approves everything about CPPS.me because we guarantee you that it’s the safest most trustworthy server that has never ended yet, and never will unless you let it.

Just to let all of you know what CPPS.me is really about, I will give out all of the information that I know of the server. CPPS.me is known for its amazing leaderboard that saves your wins and losses on CPPS.me which includes FindFour, Mancala, Sled Race, Dance and probably a lot more in the future. What else is there to CPPS.me? There is way more to the game than you think there is. If you are in need to reset your password on the game, the CPPS.me Web Panel will help you reset it without any trouble.

This managing system can almost let you do anything that you ever wanted in a CPPS. You can change your Nameglow and your name color! Amazing right? Well it gets even better! In games such as CPPS.me, you would never know that there would be a bot that would actually listen to you. This bot isn’t any kind of bot, this bot is BotMan. He can do anything that you want him to; he’s a bot that listens to every word that you say. BotMan is a unique bot that wasn’t even thought of until CPPS.me created him. He has emotions, and he even has up to five levels that you can face him on, and that is with any game that you desire.  If you have any kind of evidence to prove that someone is hacking or someone is breaking the rules on CPPS.me, the support system is there for you and it will always be there for you if you are in need for any type of support.

What other boring information is there? There is no such thing as “boring information”, but there is some “exciting information” that I can tell you. In the future of CPPS.me, there just may be a big change that we all didn’t know that would happen. This change just may be a very good change that we didn’t expect until it was created. What kind of change would happen? Well, I can’t tell you because that would spoil the surprise, but this may just turn out to be a hoax. This change can happen only if you want it to, so make your decision and tell us what should change or what should stay because we don’t want to change something that our users wouldn’t like. Send us a message about the change, it could be about anything!

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What do you think about CPPS.me?
I think it’s an awesome game!I think it’s a horrible game.I don’t know what to think about the server.Do I have to answer?

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