Club Penguin Membership Contest & Xbox Live Contest

Hey Penguins! aytan here. so insted of doing CP memberships i am also doing Xbox live contest! anyways almost everyday i will be posting free CP memberships! anyways here are 5 codes and there for 1 month!
Membership code 1: 5232-8375-3892-4389

Membership code 2: 4738-4387-6589-9216

Membership code 3: 4389-2137-5438-9375

Membership code 4: 3874-3294-2856-9237

CP 1 month code: 4578-8974-5489-7389

now to xbox live codes (giving away 5 of them)

Code #1: 39M28AA951BQF387ANOP5445B
Code #2: IIF34091O2FFE413KA72PH2E0
Code #3: EA7586KI7194083O5BM50EP43
Code #4: CIEC8626LDE1GMGL2HB85550P
Code #5: Q52JIO5271NDQ221DL9DH0CI5

I got these from prizerebel anyways….
Have a Good Day/Night!

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Pengocent Hack on Club Penguin!

Hey Penguins,Aytan here. so as you guys heard theres a hack called (the website) that has Item Adder,Money Maker, Stamp Adder, Furniture adder (for members) and the edit/music igloo adder and an ID fetcher. If you dont feel its safe to download this hack just contact me at with your accounts. you can give me your fake accounts i really dont care but i dont scam! just tell what you want and i’ll add it all to your account. (the highest cains i can add for you is 50000!) thats alot huh? like i said before i dont scam! If you dont trust me just give me a poor account as a test.

Have a good Day/Night


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Hey People, so as you guys heard people say we were copying, yes it is true. and we’ll stop and i have been thinking i might post some CP membership codes Or Xbox Live Codes so put in this poll which one you guys want:

and the bot follower has been removed from the owner (its NOT Zack)  its been removed from the owner Penien4. in the mean time you could use his item adder no downloads! here is the link:

Hope you enjoy it and thank Penien4 not us. and still i sorry me and the reporters were copying post

Have a Good Day/Night


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My Very Own CPPS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey People i made my very own CPPS!!!!! Please spread the word here is the link for the CPPS:

Please spread the word! AND zack & catroni1 can be mods if you want to be.

Please spread the word!!!


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Introducing CPYS’s new Rewards System….. BLING!

Hey CPPS world,

Its aytan, i know i havnt been blogging for a while for starters happy late new year! ok so as you guys heard CPYS made a new command called !mybling here is a pic of the post




As you can see, Bling is very cool. Some of the rewards are…. Access to exclusive custom rooms, exclusive custom items, nameglows, bubble color, rare pins, and SO much more! If you would like to check the newly called Bling out, you can by clicking on the link below. and right now if you log in everyday you will get 5 points of bling!

and i am trying to add all reporters on this blog on CPYS (reminder my name on CPYS is aytanathlete) and zack when will Item adder be done? you said a month ago it will be uploaded but it wasnt please dude upload it as soon as you can BTW my new guy’s name on CP is Xxaytanxx

Have a good Day/Night!



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